Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Iowa's Poet Laureates

I know at the book discussion meetings this summer at the library, discussion guides Liz and Deb will be talking a bit about Iowa's Poet Laureates. We have had three, and I thought it might be useful to provide a little background information on each of them. If any of you has favorite poems or books by these poets, we would love to get your suggestions for library purchases, as our collections from each are woefully small.

Marvin Bell was the first Poet Laureate for the State of Iowa, serving two terms beginning in the year 2000. Here is a little additional information about him from

Robert Dana was Iowa's Poet Laureate from 2004-2008. You can learn more about him in his Wikipedia biography.

Mary Swander was appointed Poet Laureate by Governor Chet Culver in 2009. She has her own website where you can learn about her and her work.

We hope you enjoy these specially acclaimed Iowa voices!

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