Monday, June 28, 2010


For some reason I really like prose written by poets. Ted Kooser was a Poet Laureate who won the Pulitzer Prize, and he writes beautiful, lyrical prose that never detracts from his subject matter.
Kooser describes and pays tribute to his ancestors and other relatives, most of whom settled in the Turkey Valley near Osterdock and Guttenberg. He brings them to life in a sweet little book that is so tiny it is hard to spot on the library shelf.
Do search for it: he has made me want to visit that area to see the terrain his ancestors from Switzerland chose to settle in because it reminded them of home.


  1. I have always been in love with words, especially the way they sound (both aloud and in your head) when they are put together just so. I've reading Mary Swander's memoir now and it seems the same. Could it be a Poet Laureate "thing"?

  2. I think so. I just found a prose volume by the newly-announced national Poet Laureate: W.S Merwin: UNFRAMED ORIGINALS. Got it at Half-Price Books for $5.98. It's a memoir--and I snapped it up immediately, believing it will be as enjoyable to read for his style as well as for the content of his memories of growing up.
    Unfortunately, there were no copies of his poetry, but he has been really prolific, and has done lots of translating, too.
    He was interviewed last night on the Lehrer Hour (Now the News Hour, I believe) on Iowa Public TV and seems like a very interesting person.